Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Fashion | Tringl Bikini Dupe

Hello lovelies,

This week its all about the bikinis! In a month I will be off to Florida for two weeks and I am going to need a few bikinis to keep me going. Now, if you've been on Instagram or follow other bloggers/youtubers you will know that the latest craze is Triangl Bikinis. You will also know that they are a lot of money ($109 including shipping). I am a university student so I can't afford to spend that kind of money on a bikini (even if they are gorgeous) so I decided to look online to try and find a dupe that was cheaper. I found two, one was from Amazon and the other from Groupon.

This bikini is the one from Groupon (here), it costs  £13.98 including delivery. To start with it is made of neoprene, the bottoms are a thicker neoprene than the top but both are good quality neoprene. The back does have the seatbelt clasp like the Triangl bikinis which very sturdy. There are a few things that could be improved on, but once wearing it they're virtually unnoticeable.  One of the underwires has started to come out of the top where it hadn't been sewn over (this is a hit and miss thing as I have seen others ordered from them and they are perfectly fine). I have found that when I get out of the water it is does collect in bottoms so you have to just pull it to the side slightly to let the water out but that's not a major issue. When ordering this bikini I would take into consideration that it does run a little small, I ordered a medium (which was advertised as a UK size 10/12 and C-D cup size), I am a 10/12 on the bottom and they just fitted (however a large would have been too big), but the top fitted perfectly. The delivery was estimated at 5 working days, however because I ordered it just before the bank holiday weekend it did take a little longer. You could order it two weeks before a holiday and it would be guaranteed to get to you before you go away. Another frequently asked question is, "Being white is it see through?" The answer is no, I have been swimming with it on and it is not see through at all due to the fabric being neoprene. Overall, I was very happy with the quality of the product considering the price of it and the time in which it arrived in, it is just a shame that you can't order a different size top to bottom.

This is the second bikini that I bought. This one is from Amazon for £6.88 which is cheaper than the other bikini and this reflects through a couple very noticeable differences. The first being that it is not made of neoprene, it is made of cotton and polyester (as stated by the seller). Secondly, the clasp is a traditional bikini clasp not the seatbelt buckle so it is slightly different there. Finally, the straps are detachable which is great because I won't get tan lines there, however I do find that they detach too easily so if I were to jump into a pool they would detach themselves. On the other hand this product comes with several advantages. The top is padded so it gives you a little bit of lift, which is good for girls like me who are smaller in the chest area. As well as this, the stitching is also very good quality. 

Size wise it runs small on the bottoms and big on the chest area. Like the other bikini you aren't able to order a different size top to bottom which could be a way of solving the issue with sizing. Unfortunately, I have not been able to try this one out in the pool yet so I don't know whether it'll become see-through or retain a bit of water in the bottoms but being that it is made of normal bikini material I doubt that it will. 

Would I buy this product again? Probably not because it doesn't fit on me and I can't have a different size top to bottom. The shipping took a long time compared with the other bikini and this was a disappointing aspect.

To conclude, these are just my opinions on the two bikinis I have found. If you want to spend a little less money and aren't bothered as to whether it is made of neoprene then I would go for the one from Amazon, however if you are fine with spending a few more pounds and want the neoprene material and faster shipping then I would go for the one from Groupon. I know that there is a website called Alixpress which sell neoprene Triangl dupes, but again the shipping can take up to a month so I have not had a chance to order from them (but if you have I'd love to hear your review of them). 

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Until next time!
Hannah xxx


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