Tuesday, 17 February 2015

10 Facts about me!

Hello world,

As my first blog post I thought I would introduce myself with 10 facts about me so without further ado lets get into it!

1) My name is Hannah
2) Im 18 years old
3) Im from London (incase you hadn't realised from my blog name)
4) I am Disney obsessed (which is not always a good thing)
5) I am currently studying fashion at university
6) I want the travel the world and see as many places as possible
7) My favourite place in the world is Italy
8) I am addicted to chocolate and pasta (Not together! That'd be weird!)
9) My life dream is to be a fashion designer and own my own clothing line
10) I am very bubbly and easy to get along with

A little photo of me from my recent trip to Disneyland Paris

Until next time! 
 Hannah xxx


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