Sunday, 21 August 2016

Lifestyle | My 20th Birthday!

Hello lovelies

So if you haven't seen on my Instagram then last Thursday (11th August) was my 20th birthday. I had such a great day with my family as we spent the day down at Eastbourne which satisfied my beach craving!

We started the day off with my mum making us all a full english breakfast, which in our family is only made on special occasions. We then decided that we would head off to the beach for the day. Having got to Eastbourne around 12:30 we realised that the "Eastbourne Airbourne" show was on that day which gave us something to watch whilst there.

During our time on the beach I got to meet a couple that I watch on youtube named KrispySmore who were there for the day. they are a lovely couple and if you need any help when planning a trip to Florida or just want to watch peoples experiences out there then be sure to give their videos a watch.

For dinner we stopped at a gluten free greek restaurant called Gr/Eat. Their food was amazing and the portions were rather large so we were definitely full after a starter and main course! They are very good with the labelling of what is gluten free and what isn't so if you're looking for something to eat thats gluten free in Eastbourne be sure to give this restaurant a try. Before heading back to London we stopped off at the Marina to grab a drink or coffee and relax for an hour.

As for celebrating with my friends we went out Friday night to a local bar and then onto a nightclub nearby. I had a great night with them as well. I want to thank my family and friends for making my birthday special and letting me have two great days celebrating.

Until next time
Hannah xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Travel | Beach Trips

Hello Lovelies

todays post is about my few recent trips to the beach. Now here in England it is very rare to get weather warm enough to go to the beach but these past couple of weeks the weather has been amazing. At the moment I don't have any plans to go abroad so I will just have to make do with the beaches here.

My first trip was about 3 weeks ago down to Broadstairs. A small group of my friends went down for the day when the weather was around 28 degrees so no need for us to away but we definitely needed sun cream! All in all it was a great day, there were few attempts to go in the sea and get everyone in which finally done around 4pm that day so it was getting a bit chilly by that point! Me and Chloe also managed to get some great photos from around the rock pools at that point, so thank you Chloe for these amazing photos!

Bikini top - Debenhams
Bikini bottoms - New Look

The second trip was last week when myself and my mum took my nan down to Whistable for the day so we could celebrate her birthday. After parking up and walking around the shops for a bit we made our way down to the sea front. There is a little area where the beach huts are all used for small business. one we particularly enjoyed was Art to Eat which is a home made fudge company. We decided to but some fudge and I must say it was amazing.

The fudge before it got squashed in my mums bag! It still tasted amazing though!

We then carried on down the beach and decided that it was time to take a trip to Weatherspoons for lunch. Now me and my mum are both Coeliac's, we have both been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease for over 9 years now and I have to say that Weatherspoons has one of the best menus for people who suffer from this or any other types of gluten intolerance. Then the weather decided to perk up so it was back to the beach to sit there and enjoy the sun and have another photoshoot so thank you to my mum for getting these photos of me.

Outfit details: Top - Miss Selfridge
Jeans - F & F
Boots - TU (Sainsburys)

The time came to go home around 5pm so we picked up a drink before heading back and which point I managed to get these photos of the beach.

So guys if the weathers nice and you have nothing to do be sure to take a trip down to the beach because no matter who you're with you'll have fun and even you aren't going away this year at least you've gone to a beach!

Until Next Time
Hannah xxx

Friday, 8 July 2016

Lifestyle | #GOMO

Hello lovelies

Todays post is all about #GOMO. Now what is GOMO you might ask? Well GOMO is Going Out More Often, a campaign started by Eventbrite.

I thought I'd share some of my plans with you that will help me with #GOMO. Starting off with next week myself and group of friends are taking a road trip down to the beach, now being in the UK the weather is rather unpredictable but we thought that there was no harm in going even for a few hours.

I am also planning a girls trip away for a week so we can catch some sun before we head back to university. This has been great fun planning with the girls, deciding on which country to visit and where to stay. Speaking of spending time with my girl friends, having girly days out has also been happening a lot recently. We've had shopping days looking for bikinis, going into London for designer sample sales and going out for lunch.

We have also had a group trip out to Thorpe Park and we picked the best day to go. If you are lucky enough to have finished school already or university or even if you can get a day off of work I would suggest going in the middle of the week before the schools break up. We managed to get on all of the rides we wanted to and even went on a few twice. It rained a little while we were there but we made the most of it and decided to go on a water ride as we were going to get wet anyway! There are plenty of offers on to get tickets for Thorpe Park and it's relatively easy to get to so why not have a fun day out!

A lot of my plans happen last minute so most weekends Ive been going out with a few friends for drink. However Ive been checking up on some events on the Eventbrite page and I have found an even that I would love to attend, it is the YPL summer party on the roof. This event you need to book in advance and through the eventbrite page. But the tickets on here are reasonably priced which is great for myself and my friends who as uni students struggle a little on the cash side.

If you would like to start up your own event on Eventbrite to #GOMO this summer check out their event planning software to help you manage it and sell tickets.

Drinks down by the river.

So there you have it. These are my plans for summer and to #GOMO. I would love to hear some of your plans for summer whether it be a day out or a holiday be sure to leave a comment below!

Until Next Time
Hannah xxx

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